Vacancies at United States Embassy in Malawi

An opportunity is available for a suitably qualified and experienced Senior Foreign Service National Investigator for the United States Embassy in Malawi. 
The incumbent supervises one Foreign Service National Investigator.  Oversees the conduct of security certification investigations.  Leads the conduct of sensitive investigations of thefts, vehicle accidents, and other incidents involving the U.S. Mission community and Locally Employed Staff.  Acts as primary liaison with local police leaders and maintains contacts throughout the country.  Leads the recruitment and processing of all local International Law Enforcement Academy participants and coordinates all associated arrangements with various embassy offices.
  • Develop strategic partnerships with Malawian security forces, foreign missions, and non-governmental organizations.
  • Participate in the conduct of preliminary investigations involving crime and mission personnel, facilities, and or property.            
  • Conduct background investigations to ensure that applicants for employment meet security suitability standards.
  • Maintain contact with police and other Government of Malawi authorities to ensure a prompt police response to requests for assistance, investigation, or protection. 
  • Obtain information concerning potential security threats to the Mission.
  • Provide expertise concerning the language, culture, and customs of the host country.
  • Responds to incidents or accidents involving mission personnel or contractors.
  • Supervision Received
    • Reports to the RSO
  • Supervision Exercised
    • Supervises one FSNI
  • Available Guidelines
    • Diplomatic Security Training Center FSNI Course
  • Exercise of Judgement
    • Will operate autonomously on a daily basis.  Must demonstrate sound judgement regularly and be comfortable making sensitive decisions.
  • Authority to Make Commitments
    • Will recommend purchases of materials and equipment.
  • Nature, Level and Purpose of Contacts
    • Contacts will be maintained at the highest levels of Malawian government, security forces, foreign missions, and non-governmental organizations in a professional nature. 
    • The purpose of maintaining the high-level contacts is to ensure the rapid dissemination of emergency information, to obtain expeditious assistance to U.S. Mission personnel when necessary, and to aid in facilitating over $300 million annually in USG assistance to Malawi.
  • Time Expected to Reach Full Performance Level
    • One year.
  • Education
    • Completion of 2 years’ university studies is required.
  • Prior Work Experience
    • Five (5) years of experience working with a military, police, or government organization conducting investigations and working with the public is required.
    • Five (5) years of security-sector supervisory experience is required.
  • Post Entry Training:
    • ?Training in U.S. Government investigative procedures and policies, as well as laws and regulations. 
    • Knowledge of the Foreign Affairs Manual on security, and the Bureau of Diplomatic Security’s Instructions and Procedures.
  • Language Proficiency:
    • Level III (good working knowledge) written and spoken English language skills are required.
    • Fluency in Chichewa is essential.
  • Job Knowledge:
    • Knowledge of advanced principles and techniques of investigations. 
    • Thorough knowledge of surveillance techniques. 
    • Must have readily available list of contacts in Malawian security forces, foreign missions, and non-governmental organizations.
  • Skills and Abilities
    • Valid Malawian driver’s license and U.S. Embassy motor pool certification.
    • Demonstrable proficiency with the Microsoft Office suite (Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint)


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