An opportunity is available for a suitably qualified and experienced Voucher Examiner in Malawi. 
The successful candidate will serve as Voucher Examiner in the Office of Financial Management (OFM) of United States Agency for International Development (USAID) /Malawi (OFM), Examines various types of simple to more complex administrative vouchers, invoices, domestic and international travel vouchers, and other miscellaneous vouchers for payments. 
  • Examination of various types of simple to more complex administrative invoices and/or vouchers which include but is not limited to purchase orders, contracts, leases, utilities, telephone, carrier transportation vouchers for air-tickets, shipment of household effects, consumables, baggage vouchers, medical expenses, allowances, cashiers’ replenishment vouchers, and other miscellaneous vouchers as follows: 
    • Verifies that they are correct and conforms to the terms and conditions of the authorizing documents, such as purchase orders, contracts, leases, etc., and with applicable regulations.
    • Verifies that all arithmetical computations on invoices/vouchers are correct and accurate.
    • Verifies that all invoices/vouchers are administratively approved by the authorized and/or receiving officer indicating that the ordered goods and/or services are received in satisfactory condition and that the invoice/voucher is proper for payments.
    • Ensures that all supporting documentation including the original invoice, delivery or consignment note, or commercial bill of lading or airway bill, as applicable, are attached to the voucher.
    • Verifies that the fiscal data on the voucher is correct and complete and determines in coordination with the Accountant/Accounting Technicians that funds are obligated and available for payment of the invoice/voucher.
    • Obtains, where necessary, additional information, documentation, and/or clarification on doubtful or questionable payments.
    • Prepares voucher suspension or rejection statements where required and advises payees of such suspension or rejection. 
  • Verifies payment vouchers in Phoenix for Funds Availability Verification to ensure the right data is entered such as: Disbursement Office Codes, fiscal Data, amounts, payee names and bank details for EFT requests, mailing address for check requests, and mailing codes. 
  • Reviews routine and/or domestic travel claims or vouchers:
    • Verifies that they conform to the travel authorization and regulations regarding routings, per diem, use of proper commercial facilities etc.
    • Prepares or verifies hypothetical travel itinerary when traveler deviates from authorized routing.
    • Prepares voucher examiner’s statement giving detailed explanation of any   suspended amounts or rejected vouchers with references to pertinent regulations,
    • Determines if travel advance was issued and computes amount due to the traveler or U.S. Government, after applying the outstanding advance to the travel.  Notifies traveler promptly, with request to refund any amount due to U.S. Government.
    • Assists employees/travelers in corrections/documentation requirements of travel claims vouchers. 
  • Supervision Received:
    • Reports directly to the Supervisory Voucher Examiner who establishes basic parameters and determines priorities.
    • Routine and recurring work is reviewed on a periodic basis while task oriented work is reviewed when complete.
  • Supervision Exercised: 
    • None.
  • Available Guidelines:
    • Basic USAID Handbooks, Automated Directive Systems, Foreign Affairs Manuals, Standardized Regulations, Federal Travel Regulations, Mission Notices.
  • Exercise of Judgment:
    • Expected to exercise prudent judgment within parameters established by supervisor and must be able to apply prescribed regulations and guidelines effectively and independently to his/her work.
  • Authority to Make Commitments:
    • None.
  • Nature, Level, and Purpose of Contacts:
    • Establishes and maintains effective communication with the mission EXO and SO Team Leaders, Embassy Officials and contractors, Grantees, appropriate Government of Malawi Officials, local and international vendors as required to ascertain status of payments, voucher, etc., and to initiate actions and/or follow-ups on outstanding matters as necessary.
  • Time Required to Reach Full Performance Level:
    • Time required to satisfactorily perform full range of duties after entry into the position is 12 Months.
  • Education:  
    • Completion of college diploma studies in accounting, financial management, business management, or related field.
  • Prior Experience: 
    • Minimum of three years of progressively responsible work in voucher examining, accounting and related fiscal work.
  • Post Entry Training:  
    • Complete on-the-job and/or other formal training in USAID voucher review procedures and related regulations, to include applicable sections of Foreign Affairs Manual, Travel and Transportation regulations, Phoenix reports, Standardized Regulations and USAID regulations and procedures, the Prompt Pay Act, Mission administrative notices or orders, handbooks on Grants and Loans, Commodity Procurement and Country Contracting. 
  • Language: 
  • Level III English (speaking, reading and writing) is required.
    • Knowledge: 
      • Good working knowledge of generally accepted accounting principles and procedures.
  • Skills and Abilities: 
    • Ability to comprehend and logically and properly apply to the voucher examining process various and detailed technical program regulations.
    • Must have tact and ability to explain clearly and convincingly the rationale for payment suspensions and voucher rejections. 
    • Proficiency in use of computers and office computer applications, especially Excel and Word. 
    • Typing Level I (less than 40 w.p.m.)
Salary: Market Related
Closing Date: 12 May 2017

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