An opportunity is available for a suitably qualified and experienced Monitoring & Evalution Specialist in Malawi. 
This position is located in the Office of Health, Population, and Nutrition (HPN), USAID/Malawi, Lilongwe, Malawi and reports to the Strategic Information Manager. The USAID HIV portfolio has grown and the need for appropriate data and strategic information management has also grown. The M&E specialist will support the SI Manager and be responsible for ensuring the availability of high quality data for the ongoing monitoring and evaluation of USAID PEPFAR projects.
  • Technical Leadership – 70%
    • The M&E Specialist will support the timely compilation of USG Malawi’s quarterly results reporting in DATIM, including semi-annual performance reports (SAPR) and annual performance reports (APR) to the Office of the Global AIDS Coordinator (OGAC).
    • The M&E Specialist will coordinate with the PEPFAR SI Advisors and lead the USAID PEPFAR reporting requirements including providing clear and timely guidance to partners as well as undertaking data clean up.
    • The M&E Specialist will provide technical support to all USAID HIV implementing partners and HIV Team AORs/activity managers on the development of Performance Monitoring Plans (PMP) and data quality assurance (DQA) strategies.
    • He/she will ensure that implementing partners understand OGAC and USAID reporting requirements and indicator definitions.
    • The M&E specialist will work with the HIV Team to ensure partner-level and USAID performance targets are set appropriately and correctly.
    • The M&E Specialist will work with AORs/activity managers to ensure project-specific M&E data is readily accessible to the HIV team and facilitate its utilization for project monitoring, planning and portfolio reviews.
    • He/she will keep track of key national and district level HIV epidemiologic and program indicators and socio-demographic data, and make it accessible for the HIV team in order to facilitate evidence-based decision making.
    • He/she will also use data visualization techniques to prepare data for dissemination internally and externally.
    • The M&E Specialist will regularly conduct Site Improvement through Monitoring System (SIMS) visits and DQAs of implementing partners, and based on the findings he/she will work with AORs/activity managers to rectify identified weaknesses.
    • The M&E specialist will develop the annual data quality plan for all USAID HIV partners and ensure that it is appropriately implemented and revised/updated as necessary.
    • The M&E Specialist will, in conjunction with the AOR and the USAID SI Advisor, take the lead in ensuring that HIV projects are evaluated in line with Agency Evaluation guidance in order to ensure that all funded projects have a sound evidence base and are contributing to the overall goals of the USG in Malawi. 
    • Together with other members of the SI team,he/she will represent USAID in relevant interagency technical working groups (TWGs) as well as national M&E working groups coordinated by the Ministry of Health and the National AIDS Commission
    • This M&E specialist will coordinate closely with the Department of HIV (DHA) to support high quality national and PEPFAR reporting of HIV indicators for evidence-based decision making.
    • Jointly with the SI Manager, the M&E Specialist will convene partners M&E meeting that will serve as a forum for experience sharing and communicating key M&E related messages.
  • Activity Management – 20%
    • Serves as an activity manager.
    • He/she will be responsible for technical, programmatic and financial management of HIV/AIDS SI related activities such as the Service Provision Assessment, Behavioral Surveillance Survey, and the implementation of the vital statistics project.
  • Other HPN Duties 10%
    • Provide M&E related mentoring to other team members.
    • Attend internal HPN and Mission wide ME&L team meetings, HPN partners meetings and other substantive meetings with partners and stakeholders as needed. 
    • Notes decisions or commitments made and actions assigned. 
    • Takes those actions that are under his/her purview and notifies others of assignments and follow up actions.
    • Drafts other reports, correspondence and cables related to HPN administrative and management as needed or requested by Team Leader.
    • He/She performs other duties as assigned or required.
  • Supervision Received:
    • The incumbent is under the supervision of the SI Manager.
  • Available Guidelines:
    • ADS Series 200, Project Assistance HB3, Grants and Cooperative Agreements HB13, Mission Orders, established USAID/Malawi administrative procedures and regulations; standard accounting, auditing and financial management operating procedures and systems requirements. 
  • Exercise of Judgment:
    • Independent judgment must be exercised on a broad range of project management issues and when meeting with GOM or NGO counterparts and other donors. 
    • The incumbent is expected to analyze situations and the requirements to resolve problems. 
    • The incumbent must recognize requests for decisions or position papers that require prior USAID review and approval.
  • Authority to Make Commitments:
    • Commitments are limited to actions within the scope of the position (i.e., advising on when actions will be completed, assuring that required documents will be delivered by a certain time, etc.). 
    • No commitments are authorized to GOM officials, international agencies, donor organizations, contractors or grantees.
  • Nature, Level and Purpose of Contacts:
    • Continuous contact is maintained with senior levels of the Malawian Government, primarily at the Department Head and Deputy levels, in the Ministry of Health (and with the Minister in the company of the Office Chief), international agencies (such as the World Bank, WHO and other donors and NGOs to obtain unpublished and published information concerning the projects and the health program. 
    • Contacts are at all appropriate levels within the Mission, the Embassy, and with contractors/grantees to monitor activities, resolve problems, provide guidance, attend workshops and seminars, and other meetings.
  • Supervision Exercised:
    • Continuing supervision of other Mission staff is not contemplated.
  • Time Required to Perform the Full Range of Duties:
    • One year.
  • Education:
    • Master’s degree or equivalent qualification in monitoring and evaluation, health information systems or public health.
  • Prior Work Experience: 
    • Five to seven years of progressively responsible experience in the health field, with preference for experience in HIV/AIDS monitoring and evaluation
  • Experience:
    • Should include analysis and interpretation of data and the presentation of findings in written and/or oral form. 
    • Experience with health-based non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in HIV is desirable.
  • Post Entry Training:
    • Technical training updates in public health, Accruals training, AOR/COR training, and in other special areas related to duties when available.
  • Language Proficiency:
    • Level IV (fluent) English ability and equivalent fluency in Chichewa is required.
  • Knowledge:
    • A comprehensive knowledge of collection and analysis of strategic information.
    • A broad knowledge of public health care, comprehensive knowledge and experience in HIV/AIDS in Malawi is required.
    • The incumbent must have knowledge of the different branches in the Malawian Government, particularly the Ministry of Health. 
    • Thorough knowledge or potential to acquire such knowledge of U.S. Government legislation relating to development assistance and USAID programming policies, regulations procedures and documentation is essential.
  • Skills and Abilities:
    • The incumbent must have superior data collection, analysis, and presentation and communication skills. 
    • The ability to obtain, evaluate and interpret factual data and prepare precise, accurate and complete reports is required. 
    • Demonstrated ability to establish and maintain relationships across government entities, donor organizations, bilateral and multilateral agencies and private-sector organizations. 
    • Skills in conceptualizing project programming, policies and plans and developing strategies for their implementation is required. 
    • Ability to work effectively in a team environment and proactively work to achieve consensus on policy, project and administrative matters is required. 
    • Strong computer skills and knowledge of software program applications authorized for USAID use, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint or other database software, and word processing programs are a must.
Salary: Market Related
Note: Depending on qualifications and experience incumbent may be hired at a trainee grade (one or two grades lower than the position grade)

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