Quality Controller, Food Technologist

Job Details

Employer: Acumen Resources Development

Must have exposure on Quality Control, Execution of Systems and standards on the work floor, New Product Developments, Leadership and Team management, Ready to Relocate, Bachelor status, etc.

Position based in Lilongwe, Malawi but will also need to be in Limbe when needed.

1.       Introduce, Train, Implement and Execute as a leader SOP’s, GMP’s, GHP’s, HACCP within group’s all the manufacturing units in Malawi.

2.       Training the locals and expats on the above and ensure for each and every steps and process a local manpower has been trained to reduce/eliminate the dependency on expats.

3.       Manage the entire lab with all records for all the plants.

4.       Be on the work floor and look for continuous improvements and developments of the plant and the products.

5.       Evaluate existing processes and procedures and suggest improvements.

6.       Responsible for all Foods safety and Quality management systems.

7.       Initiate and plan quality improvement programs depending on their degree of importance.

8.       Coordinate and communicate quality control system in the organization.

9.       Developing, controlling, applying & maintaining technical system w.r.t product specifications & due diligence testing systems.

10.    Coordinating launch of new products or running trials alongside/together with product development.

11.    Assist in production trials on new product development, quality improvement or other related projects in coordination with Production and Engineering departments.

12.    Undertaking long-term projects with other departments, e.g. reducing waste by improving efficiency.

13.    Conducting training programs to enhance the quality awareness of all employees whose jobs affect quality.

14.    Mapping of Product traceability and process control.

15.    Internal auditing of facility and processes/systems on the concept of food safety/HACCP

16.    Handling customer complaints and carrying out RCA on the same.

17.    Monitoring of product life cycle and shelf life studies.

18.    Identification of new line of products as per the local and neighboring countries.

19.    Complete responsibility on Plant Hygiene and Safety Standards pertaining to OHSAS and ISO standards.

20.    Ensuring and managing the certification and documentation as per above and local MBS procedures.

21.    To measure and track analysis for the performance of each and every machineries and manpower of the plants.

22.    Ensure legal compliance and ethical business practices.

23.    Create and maintain a work place culture which attracts, grows and retains able employees.

24.    Checking and verifying physical quality of all raw materials received before offloading to ascertain between book value and physical status of stocks.

25.    Managing systems on Raw Materials checks before their introduction in the plant.

26.    Managing the packaging and related raw materials sourcing.

27.    Daily issue & consumption of packaging components for all products.

28.    Making daily packaging wastage report in coordination with shift in charge for all packing machines.

Candidate Requirements
  1. Minimum Five years of experience in similar or related industry with similar position.
  • Should have hands-on knowledge in managing and buildings start-ups.
  • Strong Analytical and leadership skills.
  • Good project and Time management skills.
  • Must understand the psyche of traditional and modern buyer / consumers and channels.

Apply before Saturday, January 7, 2017