Purchasing Manager

Purchasing Manager



Pinpoint One Human Resources (Pty) Ltd established in May 1999, is a young dynamic South African Qualifying Small Enterprise (black empowered enterprise with 62,55% ownership by women) offering comprehensive people resourcing services to corporate clients.

A leading agricultural organisation is looking for a purchasing manager to be based in Malawi. This is an in depth procurement role. The required industry experience includes extensive FMCG – “Business to Business”, retail, wholesale and manufacturing.


1.    Purchasing Policy and Planning


i.        Develop purchasing and procurement policies and procedural documentation including but not limited to standardised vendor/supplier agreements, vendor/supplier selection criteria, product selection criteria and related procurement administrative procedures

ii.        Planning of purchasing activities in line with company strategies, cash flows  and budgets by identifying resources such as staffing, IT systems, equipment and logistical requirements and to liase with relevant other departments to set up such resources effectively

3.   Departmental staff recruitment, development, training and management

I.        Scoping of staff functions within the Procurement department and developing clear job descriptions for each job function needed to achieve all planned deliverables

II.        Recruit, develop and train competent staff for the procurement department and effective management to ensure highest levels of productivity is achieved

4.    Quality Assurance and Stock Management

I.        Developing and implementing procedures to ensure that all quality control aspects of stocks are properly managed and executed at branch and warehouse level for all stock items to cater for expiry dates, damaged stocks and related risks

II.        Manage stock levels and stock holding throughout all branches and warehouses to ensure that optimal stock levels are maintained at all times to maximise profitability and minimise associated risks and carrying cost of stock holding and to liase with other departments such as sales and marketing, warehousing and finance relating to any actions required in this regard

III.        Ensure that all risks relating to stock holding is sufficiently managed to minimise losses in terms relating to such stocks


5.    Effective and proactive liaison with sales and marketing department as and when necessary to forecast and plan sales demand of all products in order to effectively and timeously procure and supply against such demands to ensure optimal sales and margin revenues

  1. Negotiating and administration of purchasing contracts with suppliers to ensure best pricing, discounts, payment terms, stock returns, rebates and related strategies are achieved in order to maximise profitability and minimise related stock holding costs and risks as far as possible.
  2. Embark on regular strategies and investigations to identify opportunities for cost saving related to improved purchasing and procurement strategies and by targeting both trading stock and administrative expenses and the procurement thereof and to advice management of such findings and recommendations
  3. Assist with the procurement requirements of other departments in order to facilitate purchasing/procurement of capital items, repairs and maintenance and other nonspecific items as effectively as possible

Administration and reporting as necessary and required within the purchasing and procurement departmen

  1. Ensuring that effective systems are in place to receive, analyse and quantify stock replenishment requirements for all branches and to execute and procure such requisitions in a timely manner
  2. Health and safety compliance in terms of purchase and procurement of any products or services where applicable
  3. Costing and Pricing changes of all retail products.
  4. Daily cash sales at head office

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