Manager of Social Businesses in Malawi


We are looking for somebody who wants to take over our social businesses in Nkhata Bay, Malawi.

Our social businesses:

Supreme is a small non-profit social business which we have built up from scratch since August 2015. We are producing reusable sanitary pads and we are just expanding to reusable diapers at the moment. These are being sold in 14 local shops in Nkhata Bay district and Mzuzu. We also target NGOs for larger orders of pads for distribution to schools, orphanages, etc.

Besides this social enterprise, we have built up a cinema, bakery, chicken farm and a female products store which are now under Malawian management but need supervision and guidance in administration and business conduct.

We are looking for somebody or a couple who:

  • Is available from December 2016 to either take over completely and become owner OR to voluntary supervise and manage Supreme and the other businesses;
  • Is committed to staying for at least 1 year; and
  • Can professionally maintain and expand a business.

If you believe this might be something for you, please send us your CV and motivation letter.

Contact us:

Phone number: 00265 (0)997449409