Malawi: Design and Deploy Transactions Monitoring System, Lilongwe, Malawi (open to Malawi nationals/institutions only)

Organization: UN Children’s Fund
Country: Malawi
Closing date: 26 Feb 2017

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Purpose of the Assignment

The main purpose of this consultancy is it to design and develop a Transactions Management System that will be hosted in UNICEF Malawi LAN. The proposed transaction management system will have the capability of handling the tracking of all the major categories of documents including invoices, FACE forms, Sales Orders, purchase requisitions etc.

The documents can originate either from external sources (e.g. invoices received from suppliers for delivery of goods and services) or internally (e.g. Purchase Requisitions, Requests to create Sales Order or Funding commitments that originate from UNICEF sections). Documents from External sources have to be registered into the system at the Reception. These documents are work-flowed to the relevant section for initial processing.

UNICEF is looking for an individual or institution for this project. The contractor should proposed a suitable development platform or combination (e.g. VB, PHP, IIS, SQL, Java, etc.) that will provide the most affordable, efficient and effective solution.

Assignment Tasks

The consultants’ duties and responsibilities will include Needs Analysis, developing Systems Requirements; designing, developing and testing and commissioning. Within this overall scope, the specific objectives of the proposed consultancy are to:

  • Develop, implement and deploy a user-friendly, interactive, online transactions monitoring system. This system should provide suitable flexible interactive user-friendly tools to allow registration of internal and external documents.
  • The system should have a solid work flow functionality to enable tracking of documents at each processing stage. If a document passes a stage twice, then both passes should be recorded.
  • The system will need to incorporate a well-designed dashboard with summary textual, tabular and graphical data. It is envisaged that the proposed system will include dashboards for the major transactions modules (FACE, Invoice, and Billing). Each module will be accessible through a tab at the main page.
  • The system that will be developed is envisioned to meet all the standard requirements of a modern Management Information System with a central database at the back-end being updated online from various work stations via the LAN. It will thus be developed as an online application with user-friendly Graphical User Interface (GUI) based front end, powerful retrievable database in compatible platform as back end. The deployed application will be a menu driven, easy to use system developed using modern object-oriented approach to allow for ease of modifications and changes.
  • The system will provide easy to use data retrieval and search tools. The search should be based on common fields such as Invoice numbers, PO Numbers, etc.
  • The system should be able to generate reports and performance indictors in text, tabular as well as graphic form (such as bar chart, pie charts or line graphs etc.) to aid in decision making. This implies that the system should include an easy to use report generator to satisfy various needs.
  • The system should also provide a means of producing a report that shows the entire flow of a document from registration to finalization.
  • The system should provide a means of generating an age-analysis of documents, showing where the documents are currently being processed and how long they have been in each stage. The structure of Periodic Reports (monthly, weekly and quarterly) will be provided at requirement finalization stage.
  • The system should be designed to for optimum performance. It is not expected that the system will become slow as the database grows, so necessary optimisation at design stage will be critical to ensure that unnecessary processing of data is not done and resource-intensive processing is fully rationalized and optimized.
  • Expected Deliverables

    As this is a small project that is expected to take a relatively small amount of time and resources, payment will be done after satisfactory completion of the project. Standard UNICEF procedures will apply for invoicing and contract management.

    Deliverables of the project are:

  • Project plan and systems requirements and design documents.
  • Design, deployment and functional testing of the Transactions Monitoring system.
  • Full deployment of a tested, Bug-free system.
  • Commissioning and handover of the system and all documentation as well as the source code.
  • Qualification requirements
  • A qualified company or individual with experience in providing IT systems and applications development services, proven track record in servicing and supporting data flows and management information systems.

    The individual or team have at least a basic university degree in Information Technology, computer science, engineering or mathematics. The individual or team should have at least 3 years hands-on experience in web based IT systems development.

  • Evaluation criteria
  • Criteria Points

  • Overall Response 10
  • Completeness of response
  • Overall concord between RFP requirements and proposal.
  • Proposed Methodology and Approach 30
  • Experience and qualifications of key personnel/company: 20
  • Total Technical60

    Financial Quotation 40

    Only proposals which receive a minimum of 45 points under a technical evaluation will be considered to have met the technical requirements of the consultancy. Proposals that do not meet technical requirements during technical evaluation stage will not be considered further.

  • Content of technical proposal
  • The technical proposal must include the following:

  • introductory note ;
  • company and/or individual consultant profile;
  • list of similar projects delivered within the field of information management, web Applications development and/or data management information systems
  • Detailed proposed methodology and approach to deliver the transactions management system
  • Outline of project work plan
  • CVs of individual(s) proposed for the assignment
  • supporting certificates (technical certifications of individual, company or project team)
  • For institutional contractors: financial statements for financial stability
  • Competencies of Successful Candidate

    To view our competency framework, please click here.

    Please indicate your ability, availability and daily/monthly rate (in Malawi Kwacha) to undertake the terms of reference above (including travel and daily subsistence allowance, if applicable). Applications submitted without a daily/monthly rate will not be considered.

    UNICEF is committed to diversity and inclusion within its workforce, and encourages qualified female and male candidates from all national, religious and ethnic backgrounds, including persons living with disabilities, to apply to become a part of our organisation.

    How to apply:

    UNICEF is committed to diversity and inclusion within its workforce, and encourages qualified female and male candidates from all national, religious and ethnic backgrounds, including persons living with disabilities, to apply to become a part of our organization. To apply, click on the following link

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