Human Resource Information System (HRIS) Technical Advisor

Company Overview

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Project Overview and Role

Palladium is seeking an HRIS Technical Advisor to be seconded full-time to the Ministry of Health?s Human Resources Directorate through the Human Resources for Health (HRH2030) Project. The HRIS Technical Advisor should be an information systems specialist with experience in health information systems in Malawi or Eastern/Southern Africa.

The HRIS technical advisor will spent 100% of his/her time at the MoH or on MoH business. He/she will report to the Director of Human Resources, MOH, while administrative oversight will be provided by Palladium. Palladium/HRH2030 experts in HRIS and Data Demand and Use (DDU) will provide technical support where necessary. The position is an annual fixed-term contract, renewable depending on performance, MOH priorities, and the availability of funding. Location for this position is Lilongwe, Malawi. Local candidates are encouraged to apply, but all qualified candidates will be considered.


The HRIS Technical Advisor will provide technical guidance in strengthening the MoH?s HRIS. This includes but is not limited to:
1.Providing a strategic approach for strengthening the availability of up to date Human Resources for Health (HRH) data through strengthening the integrated Human Resources Information System (iHRIS), as part of the national Health Information Systems (HIS).
2.Identifying opportunities for obtaining, analyzing and reporting sufficient HRH data through iHRIS functionalities as appropriate and through interoperability with other existing HRH systems in the health sector to bolster HRH policy decisions.
3.Assisting the MOH HR Directorate to efficiently and effectively find solutions to identified HRIS technological and managerial challenges and bottlenecks. The HRIS Technical Advisor will be key in supporting MOH HRIS technical communities.

The HRIS Technical Advisor will be expected to:

  • Lead technical assistance to help the MoH identify HRH information needed to make imminent and mid-term policy decisions.
  • Based on identified MOH priorities (above), lead an analysis of existing HRH data, gaps in HRH data, and probable technological methods to close gaps.
  • Lead the efforts to build evidence on what works and what doesn?t when building/strengthening HRH information and HRIS in Malawi.
  • Lead the identification and selection of appropriate approaches, platforms, and information management systems for improving the availability of HRH data.
  • Define the hardware and infrastructure setup required to support effective HRH data access and use.
  • Provide expertise on how to apply standards to improve data quality.
  • Partipcate in efforts to package data for presentation to various stakeholders in a way that supports HRH policy decsions.
  • Work with MoH to promote usage of HRH data for decision-making, training staff in data analysis and interpretation.
  • Provide technical assistance to the MoH for linking HR data to HMIS and other sector-specific MIS to inform decision making.
  • Provide updates to the HRH2030 team on work progress and contribute to donor reporting as needed.


  • Bachelor’s degree with academic specialization in information technology, computer science or systems, or statistics.
  • Master’s degree with an academic concentration in information systems, computer science, public health, biostatistics or a related field strongly preferred.
  • Minimum eight years of experience in some aspect of management information systems (MIS) or health information systems (HIS) in Malawi or Eastern/Southern Africa.
  • Experience with HRH information systems required.
  • Demonstrated knowledge in state-of-the-art approaches for database architecture and interoperability solutions in developing country contexts.
  • Software expertise with health information exchange standards and data visualization tools.
  • Demonstrated capacity to mobilize, interpret and package data for decision-makers.
  • Capacity to draft and finalize complex technical documents.
  • Ability to manage working relationships with teams, clients, partners, and technical experts.
  • Successful track record as a seconded staff preferred.

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