General Manager

Open Connect Limited (OCL) seeks to appoint a General Manager to direct, manage and control the organization and give strategic guidance and direction to the management and staff to ensure that the Company achieves its mission and objectives. The position is tenable in Blantyre.

About Open Connect Limited (OCL)
OCL is a telecommunication infrastructure company established in the Press Corporation Limited (PCL) Group to provide secure, reliable, low-cost, high-speed connectivity as a carrier of carriers. The Company runs an open-access, carrier-neutral broadband infrastructure business. The Company aims at transforming itself into a truly national backbone where all broadband infrastructures in the country are aggregated and are transparently available to all operators under one entity.

Additionally it shall facilitate the development of reliable, adaptive and robust national ICT backbone infrastructure that feeds into equally high quality regional and international ICT infrastructure.

About the Position
The challenge ahead for the new General Manager will be to lead change through the transformation of the fibre-based infrastructure into open access business model, improve processes, mobilize the support of the other telecom operators to embrace the concept of open-access business model, and build a team that can deliver on the mission.

Duties and Responsibilities
The General Manager will be reporting to the Board of Directors and will be responsible for the following:
(a) Overall strategic development and operational management of the Company;
(b) Developing and operating a robust, reliable open-access, carrier-neutral broadband infrastructure network;
(c) Delivering on the Company’s vision, mission, values, strategic intent, Board’s mandate and stakeholders’ expectations;
(d) Properly organize the Company to enable it achieve its intended goal;
(e) Oversee the setting up of internal control and quality management systems for proper functioning of the Company; and
(f) Manage the overall budget and expenditures ensuring adherence to approved business plan.

Key Result Areas

  • Strategic and Enterprise Planning: Leading in.the development and execution of the Company’s strategic and business plans to ensure that the Company achieves its growth and profitability targets;
  • Enterprise Management: Providing direction on various business processes /systems and resource management strategy;
  • Team Building and Collaborative Learning: Providing leadership in talent identification and development;
  • Stakeholders Management: Ensuring regular engagement of stakeholders who include shareholders, Government, Regulator, Key customers and staff.

Desired Qualities and Competencies

  • Proven leadership skills: Strong background in telecommunications business and highly visible business leader who can demonstrate transformational change both culturally and commercially
  • Strategic Thinking: The ability to analyse the Company’s competitive position considering market and industry trends, existing and potential customers.
  • Business Acumen: In-depth knowledge of how businesses operate and how to create shareholder value within the telecommunications industry
  • Communication skills: Ability to define passionately and articulate the future vision of the Company and inject the same passion for change to key stakeholders.
  • Fostering innovations: Capability to effectively lead teams and support the introduction of new and improved products, services, processes and technologies.
  • Negotiation skills: High level of diplomacy and the ability to understand and negotiate business contracts.
  • Integrity; Can be trusted to perform duties ethically and honestly.

Qualifications and Experience

The ideal candidate should have the following qualifications:

  • A graduate with at least a Masters Degree in telecommunications or related held is desirable
  • An additional qualification in Business Management, Entrepreneurship and Finance will be an added advantage
  • Top leadership experience at a strategic level of not less than 10 years in a similar industry market.

General conditions for the position
The appointment shall be on contract terms renewable based on performance. The position attracts competitive package consistent with one’s experience, responsibilities and expectations.

Please send all CV’s and covering letters to


by the closing date of Monday, 21st November, 2016.