Field Facilitator – WORLD VISION

Purpose of the position: Under the direction of the Project Coordinator and Zonal MNeCH Coordinator, the Development Facilitator will be responsible for implementation and field level coordination/ facilitation of the Prevention of Stunting Project (PSP) within the designated health facility catchment area. The position will take ownership for the delivery of Nutrition and WASH interventions ensuring that there is a measurable impact on identified growth targets. The position will be familiar with a broad cross-section of activities, resources, and techniques associated with the development and implementation of the TP. The position will have a working knowledge of and tangible experience in program planning and implementation and fostering partnerships in health, nutrition and WASH.

Major Responsibilities:

Key Outputs/Responsibilities Weight (%)
Program Implementation

Under the supervision and guidance of the Project Coordinator, the incumbent will work collaboratively with Health Surveillance Assistants (HSAs) to facilitate implementation of the Ntchisi Prevention of Stunting Project through:-

  1. Lead the planning, organization/ facilitation and implementation of all health, nutrition and WASH interventions within the health facility catchment area.
  2. Community mobilization which will involve organizing and participating in community sensitization meetings, monthly planning and review meetings, ANCC meetings and taking the opportunity to support dissemination of appropriate information on nutrition and WASH.
  3. Supporting and participating in nutrition activities during growth monitoring sessions (Under-five clinics), Antenatal clinics, Child health days and other community events.
  4. Facilitating ongoing identification, registration and monitoring of beneficiaries as per WFP project protocol
  5. Formation and capacity building of nutrition related structures that include ANCCs, Care Groups, VNCCs, CLANs/Promoters.
  6. Acting as lead person to roll out of social behavior change communication to communities through the Local Government structures.
  7. Providing Support to HSAs, Care Groups, CLANs, Promoters, ANCCs, radio listening clubs/care groups, drama groups to implement Social and Behavioral Change Communication activities (SBCC).
  8. Conduct regular monitoring of community level activities, to ensure appropriate standards and procedures are observed in health, nutrition and WASH activities.
  9. Consolidate and submit monthly and activity reports including those from care groups through the designated SUN structures and the Project Coordinator.
  10. Liaise and coordinate with all extension workers (health, agriculture, Local Government, Gender and NGOs and implementation ) during the formation and management of care groups and rolling out of nutrition interventions
  11. Facilitate procurement of necessary kits/materials for clans and care groups..
  12. Undertake commodity (Nutributter) handling and distribution to intended beneficiaries in the most accountable and transparent manner in the health facilities and EDP.
  13. Conduct joint monitoring of commodity (Nutributter) stock with Health Facility personnel and maintain stock documentation and stock reports.
  14. Facilitate distribution of SBCC materials through care groups, CLANs, HSAs, and other relevant stakeholders to all the target beneficiaries.
Partnerships & Advocacy

  1. Network and collaborate with all local level stakeholders involved in health, nutrition and WASH interventions in program implementation and facilitate smooth transition for sustainability in the program.
  2. Represent the program on relevant local level committees, taskforces, fairs, etc., in order to promote coordination and collaboration with other stakeholders and relevant efforts whenever possible
  3. Promote local level advocacy in health, nutrition and WASH matters.
Capacity building

  1. Build capacity of the local health, nutrition and WASH community based structures in preparation for rolling out quality service delivery for attainment of desired objectives in line with the project document.
Program monitoring

  1. Provide technical support to the community on implementation of development plans (AOP) through monitoring and review sessions consistent with budgetary allocation and within the set time line.