Employment Opportunity at Telekom Networks Malawi Limited

Telekom Networks Malawi Limited is looking for a suitably qualified, well experienced and self-motivated individual to fill the position of

Head of Division Radio Network Planning and Quality.

The position reports to Chief Technology Officer and is responsible for the overarching focus of the Network Quality under the Engineering Group. The position drives key support, planning, optimisation and end-to-end network quality management

High-level support
•    Provides Best Practice and Tier-2 support services for all Access networks by establishing a new High Level Support area.
•    Identify, test and introduce new software releases and patch release for the Access Network domain. This will include first-off deployment trials and will be responsible for rollout co-ordination
•    Identify, test and introduce all new features, functionalities and Performance Improvement packages into the network
•    Perform supplier selection of RAN equipment as well as peripheral equipment that could affect or influence the air interface / radio signal i.e. Antennas, feeder systems, combiners, Indoor solutions etc.
•    Evaluate radio peripheral equipment for use nationally. This includes but is not limited to items such as antennas, feeders, amplifiers.
•    Ensures seamless integration of new technologies into existing network, including interoperability with Core, IN and VAS areas.
•    Conduct live trial of new radio access hardware and software on a small scale to confirm integration, performance and system interaction by the hardware / software under test.

Network Optimisation
•    Co-ordinates regular optimisation and best practice meetings with suppliers and regions. The focus of which will be to co-ordinate activities, provide guidelines and do knowledge transfer on specific subjects to regions.
•    Identify and categorise parameters within the RAN databases into optimisable and non-optimisable parameters.
•    Audits and rectify all non-optimisable parameter values.
•    Provides best practice guidelines and strategies for the implementation and introduction of technologies, features and functionalities.
•    Rollouts strategies and target areas for technologies, features and functionalities and will provide guidelines to region.
•    Sets targets and KPI’s that must be achieved to rollout, performance and efficiencies to each region
•    Aligns all activities with global best-practise, initiates and manage specialised campaigns to improve performance supported by regions from time-to-time.
•    Provides frequency planning support to regions spanning regions.
•    Test, analyse and manage mobile terminals for functional support and network interaction with network enabled technologies, features and services.
•    Runs regular audits to determine and report on regional alignment with optimisation initiatives that will be benchmarked across the country.
•    Initiates and manage campaigns required by Commercial for specialised products and initiatives.
•    Review campaign results across regions and identify common trends.
•    Provide national Frequency Planning Strategies and campaigns and provide the plan for implementation to the Operational arms and NMG for implementation.
•    Resolution of advanced EMI issues (interference, spill over, jamming devices.) escalated by Operational entities to the Network Quality Engineering team.
•    Antenna and propagation studies to determine best practice RF deployment and implement the practices through the Operational arms.
•    Co-ordinates and support all Electromagnetic Emissions Management operational issues.
•    Investigations into best practice deployment of new radio technologies
•    Co-ordination of SW/HW roadmap regarding TNM’s requirements for future enhancements.
•    Manage performance related to the Support Contracts with vendors – trouble tickets and change requests
•    Supplier technical review meetings with Operational arms and NMC.

Service Assurance
•    Develop complex statistical and performance counters to develop new concepts and toolsets to support strategic Network performance Analysis and Performance Evaluation across the network.
•    Develop and support Network Performance Analysis Tools and Techniques.
•    Institute best-practise network performance measurement and reporting techniques and standards.
•    Monitor SS7/IP applications and protocol analysis.
•    Provide protocol analysis and diagnostics during Network failures.
•    Provide protocol analysis and diagnostics for special fault investigations.
•    Assist with Instant Alarming on various platforms which will assist in speedy fault diagnosis and resolution.
•    Monitor the performance of major network elements and provide reports with analysis.
•    Ensure correct dimensioning and monitoring of MGW resource like: Average CP/GP load.
•    Customer Service assurance – both internally and externally.
•    Write and constantly re-evaluate and update protocol policing procedures.
•    Assist in all Optimisation issues.
•    Monitor and assist in development of instant Network degradation alarms.
•    Pre-emptive end-to-end service monitoring with appropriate agreed-upon KPIs.
•    Analysis of the impact of new products and services on network QoS.
•    Provide protocol analysis and diagnostics during Network failures.
•    Provide protocol analysis and diagnostics for special fault investigations.
•    Assist with Instant Alarming on various platforms which will assist in speedy fault diagnosis and resolution.
•    Monitor the performance of major network elements and provide reports with analysis.

Risk Management
•    Contribute to frameworks and practices for identifying, measuring, managing and reporting risks to the achievement of the objectives of the organization

•    Plan detailed capital investment in collaboration with all business stakeholders.
•    Formulate a 5 year investment plan in synchronization and harmonization of the company strategic technological and growth plans.
•    Perform cost benefit analysis of existing and emerging technology investments.
•    Perform detailed cost base analysis of existing and new products and services.

Strategic Planning
•    Formulate a 5 year technology strategic plan for the radio environment for:
•    Mobile voice services
•    Fixed wireless broadband services
•    Mobile broadband services
•    Broadcast and multicast services
•    Internet of things networks (NB WANs) etc
•    Oversee traffic impact studies to determine the effect of new services on network infrastructure
•    End-to-end Seasonal Traffic planning
•    Draft technical input to license applications/regulatory submissions with regards to frequency spectrum.
•    Monitor the interaction between network elements and managing best practice within the Operational arm and other Mobile Telecoms disciplines.
•    Co-ordinate queries regarding the integrity of clutter, prediction models, vector and antenna databases, in consultation with IT Support Tools.
•    Co-ordinate queries regarding the integrity of the DTM database, in consultation with IT Support Tools.
•    Develop policies and procedures with regards to best practices in the RF Planning tool.
•    Support GIS related activities e.g. Location Services.
•    Coverage assurance functions, such as provision/analysis of national coverage plots for various reasons (associated with potential National Roaming Agreement, GSM Association, Regulatory applications, marketing and Sales Initiatives).
•    Update of certain associated databases (relating to location based services for example).
•    Coverage analysis for purposes of risk management or to meet Legal obligations.
•    Coverage tool evaluations and optimisation of databases used in coverage predictions.
•    Investigate the relationship between revenue and network traffic, with a view towards maximising the profitability of proposed enhancements and upgrades in network infrastructure
•    High level coordination of all network planning with a view to linking budget to growth projections and facilitating harmonious expansion of all network elements in a synchronised manner.
•    Draft technical input to license applications/regulatory submissions with regards to frequency spectrum
•    Centralised Radio Project Management

Desired Qualifications, Experience and Skills
•    Bachelor’s Degree of Telecommunication Engineering/Electrical Engineering or related university education.
•    At least 8+ years working in RAN environment.
•    An exceptional creative, vision and mastery of innovation process.
•    Strong experience with primary research in both qualitative and quantitative methodologies.
•    Organizational influence – ability to engage and inspire leadership in new initiatives.
•    People and team leadership.
•    Set direction – Strategic agility, creativity.
•    Mobilize action – Create accountability, integrity, engage and influence, drive for results
•    Build capability – Coaching and Development
•    Commitment to working with shared leadership and in cross-functional teams
•    Ability to manage multiple projects at a time
•    Experience identifying and managing outside vendors
•    Attention to detail and follow-through.

If you are interest to join the vibrant TNM Team in the Telecommunication industry, please send your application along with your current Curriculum Vitae before Friday, 21st May, 2017 to

The Managing Director,
Telekom Network Malawi Limited
P. O. Box 3039,



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